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Can't find a role that suits your skills? Send us your CV here! We may not have something suitable right now, our team will be on hand to reach out as soon as we do. 

Bet you are sick of reading these right? It's pretty rough out there right now with 1000 people applying for one role, it's an employers market that's for sure. The balance is off, at the end of the day, you are a commodity, you are the skills, the experience, the leadership. 

Here at ScreenCloud we want to do one tiny thing to help bring back the equilibrium. 

So, how about we do a little uncharacteristic self promotion to sell ourselves to you? Our simple digital signage software lifts information out of the places it lives (socials, weather apps, the news e.t.c) and transforms it into beautiful, screen ready content. Working on everyday consumer hardware, ending clunky digital signage that could only be done by IT. We empower business owners, HR managers and technical teams to create digital signage that changes the way they sell, think and work. It’s quite the adventure. 

However, our product (although we are massively proud of it, it's evolving and growing all the time) is awesome, our most valued asset is our company culture. We are proud of our people, and shared values, which will take us where other companies can’t go. We have hubs in London, Belfast, Bangkok and Los Angeles, alongside people working remotely all over the world. As lit/on fleek/ on point/ sick (it's not cool when we say it is it? ) as we are, we can be better, and that's where you come in. We wanted to allow you to simply send in your CV if you would like to work with us.


Are you a product whizz? A content geek? A dev genius or a swarve sales hero? No matter your background or industry, we want to meet you.

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