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Life at ScreenCloud


At ScreenCloud we see the potential where others don't.

Digital screens could one day be as big a part of our lives as the web is today. Our simple digital signage software lifts information out of the places it lives and transforms it into beautiful, screen ready content. Working on everyday consumer hardware, ending clunky digital signage that could only be done by IT. We empower business owners, HR managers and technical teams to create digital signage that changes the way they sell, think and work. It’s quite the adventure. 

We’re very proud of our product, but it is our people, and shared values, which will take us where other companies can’t go. We have hubs in London, Belfast, Bangkok and Los Angeles, alongside people working remotely all over the world. This means finding lots of ways to come together, like our annual company retreat, monthly All Hands and weekly WIPs. We treat people like adults as standard, which means freedom to work how, and where, you feel best, and an equal responsibility to do great work. 

Coming from different cultural backgrounds (20 nationalities!), we’ve learned to cherish each other’s interests. Some of us enjoy the joy of daily running and looking after our dogs, whilst some of us live for the thrill of boxing, rock climbing or swimming with sharks. 

Company Values


We only employ bright, engaged, ambitious grown-ups with a talent for what they do. The upshot of this? We trust our team’s integrity at all times, which means no “clocking in and clocking out”. We encourage home-working and don’t limit ourselves to our employees who are living within a commutable distance from one of our hubs.  


We pride ourselves on this value, whether it’s sharing our numbers (warts and all) with our employees or giving open and transparent feedback, we aren't in the market for hidden agendas and elephants in rooms


We want to disrupt the world of digital signage and how physical spaces connect with technology and communicate. We don’t conform to what has already been done and we question the status quo - there can be a better way!


In taking on new challenges that might feel uncomfortable, in our thinking and in having open and honest conversations with each other and our customers.

And all of these should be done with utmost INTEGRITY. We are honest, consistent and fair in everything we do.

Product Engineering in Bangkok

Bangkok gets the ball rolling as both our player software and core services are made in Thailand, allowing customers all over the world to get their content onto the screens as fast and simple as possible.

We plan and deliver Studio - our core product - and all the services powering it. A state of the art GraphQL API backed by AWS/Postgres, various microservices responsible such as billing, authentication or file processing, a fluid, modern user experience made with React and Typescript and many more.

Our culture is inclusive, open and friendly. While our team is growing constantly, we make sure everyone is integrated quickly and should feel right at home on their first day.


  • Contribute to our various responsive web applications by adding new features,  fixing existing issues and modernizing their architecture.
  • Become a core member of the frontend team, responsible for Studio - our core product - built in React and powered by our GraphQL API.
  • Work closely with product management and design, to create that snappy, fast experience our customers love. 
  • Package away our reusable assets to allow other teams to benefit from our collective workforce.
  • Automate build and deploy processes using Github Actions and AWS.
  • Ensure everything works all the time and on everyone’s machine, by utilizing Jest and Cypress for automated testing.
  • Become a source of knowledge for all things frontend and help our existing teams to reach ever-higher quality bars.
  • Get stuck in with us on prototypes, POCs and shaping MVPs to experiment with the constant stream of ideas for where we take digital screens next. Then help get these into the hands of real customers and running in the wild of course, no-one wants a stream of POCs that go nowhere!


  • You have experience building apps in a modern JavaScript framework like React, Angular or Vue
  • You have extensive experience with JavaScript, and might even have worked with TypeScript or Flow before
  • You have experience in building a modern web page with CSS that works across a range of screen sizes
  • You work best in small teams and deliver the highest quality code when you’re surrounded by great people. And in return, you share your own learnings with the team to help us always improve
  • You enjoy working with designers and product owners to iterate on an idea and ensure the resulting app you build looks amazing
  • You care about performance and making sure your app runs great for a wide range of customers

Bonus points if you have experience with any of the following:

  • End to end testing with tools like Cypress or Selenium
  • SVG or WebGL Animation experience with libraries like three.js
  • GraphQL
  • APIs built in Node(Express,Koa, Lambda)
  • Working with cloud providers like AWS and GCP
  • Improving build tooling for reliability and performance

So let’s have a chat! 

If it’s not the job you’re looking for, at least it will be an enriching experience, we promise.

Check our founders' podcast for a sneak peek into our culture -

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